Friday, March 22, 2013

Top Ways To make Money Online In 2013

What Can I Do For Money

What Can I Do To Make Money Online?

As huge numbers of citizens around the world are facing losing their jobs, record food stamp use and possible pension confiscation by greedy bankers, the prospect of beginning a home business offers an exciting opportunity to some, and a desperate grab for a life line for others.
With the knowledge found as you read this blog, you will at least be better prepared to begin your journey into making money online, or lunge, however the case may be.

The Best Ways To Make Money Online

Search Engine Marketing or SEO

Using the SEO method entails building websites on which to offer products and services for sale, ad space and lead capture,etc and then ranking them using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to get your site, or sites, ranked at the top of the search engines, so that when a person searches for your relevant keywords, your site is at the top and gets the traffic.
The SEO method requires either in-depth knowledge of internet skills such as SEO, Web design, HTML, PHP, MYSQL, writing skills, Photoshop, Video editing, Link Building, Keyword research, Google rules and best practices, adsense, analytics, tracking software, spreadsheets, etc. or you need to have very deep pockets to outsource all the work, and patience to wait months for any results.

Micro Jobs

Many people make a great living by offering small services to other online marketers for a small fee. You may have heard of micro job sites like Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer, or
These sites allow you to sign up and advertise your services to their web visitors. Most of the these micro job sites have a set amount that you can charge per job, like at Fiverr all jobs are $5, at all jobs are £5, which means if you live outside of the UK, you actually make more money because of the better exchange rate! If someone hires you, the site extracts a small commission and sends you the rest. Keep in mind that after commission and paypal fees, exchange rates, taxes, etc, you may not have much left, so choose which site you use and which services you are willing to offer, wisely.

Selling on EBAY, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

I'm sure you have visited, or at least heard of sites like Ebay, and Amazon, where you can sign up to create an online "store" and offer your merchandise on their platforms. These methods have lost a lot of their appeal, due to the massive amounts of competition online, selling similar products, at the same price. (rock bottom). The margins are so small, and the competition is so great from countries with less regulation and better currency exchange rates, that these methods should only be considered if you have a truly unique product or pricing model.

Email List Marketing

The Grandaddy of Internet Marketing. Email marketing, which many call spam, has been by far the most lucrative method of making money online. All serious marketers build email lists.... Let me repeat that, All serious marketers build email lists.
Email marketing has been so successful that congress had to pass laws to try to slow it down. You used to be able to buy targeted lists and just blast offers, but nowadays you must get opt-in subscripions and building lists can take a long time unless you have the right formula.

Video Marketing

With the explosion of video sharing sites like YouTube, marketers were quick to adapt their techniques to video marketing. There are many ways to market with video. Reviews, educational, product placements, adsense ads, the list is endless. You just need to figure out what people are watching and emulate those videos with your product links and if you are able to get a "viral" video, you can make a lot of money.

Social Media Marketing

 The latest marketing craze has involved the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
Each of these sites requires a different marketing technique, but the overall strategy is the same. Produce an interesting and unique item, like funny pictures and memes that people using these sites want to pass on and share with other people and post to other social sharing sites, and make sure that the item they are sharing bears your branding and links to your sales site.
Create A Viral Meme!
This type of marketing can be very time consuming but if you are creative and good at judging what people are sharing, you can be quite successful. There are several Social Media Marketing Services available to help you, for a fee.


Pay Per Click advertising is the type of ads that you see on the search engines like Google that take up the first couple of spots at the top of the search results page and along the sidebar area. These are called "sponsored ads" and if you click on them the advertiser is charged a fee based on how much they bid for that keyword you typed into search.
This type of advertising can be very lucrative, and it is where most large companies spend the bulk of their online ad dollar, but you have to be very adept at keyword selection and bidding, as well as writing effective copy. You can lose your shirt rather quickly here if you write and ad that a million people want to click on, but nobody wants to buy what you are selling! Of course there are ways to limit your daily spend budget, but really that just stretches your loss out over time unless you have the experience or use a Certified PPC Firm. to manage your ads.


What To Sell?

Picking a platform to market on is the easy part. Choosing what to sell is the hard part. It takes a lot of trial and error before you hit upon your "niche" and you marry the right product, placement and pitch, into a lucrative business model.

Unless you are marketing a product that is exclusive to you, you created it, design it, build it, etc., you are going to want to combine a mix of product and service offering into your Internet Marketing Strategy. Here are the most popular methods that people use to get products to sell. These methods can be used in combination or alone in most of the platforms discussed in the beginning of this post.

Affiliate - Affiliate marketing allows you to signup to represent products and services from a third party on your web properties, to your email list or social circles. Most big online retailers like Amazon, Ebay, even Wal-mart has an online affiliate program. You post links to their products with your tracking ID in the link and they credit you a small commission for each sale.

CPA - Cost Per Action is a type of affiliate marketing but it is more focused on niche type marketing like weight loss, ringtones, lead generation, money making schemes, etc. Sites like Clickbank, Commission Junction and many others allow you to sign up and find offers to market. Often, these type of programs offer many pre maid marketing materials, called creatives, that you can rebrand and use i your marketing emails, websites, banner ads, etc.

Banner Ads - When your site becomes popular and gets a good amount of unique traffic, you can start to offer ad space on your site. You can sell directly to other marketers or you can join networks, such as Google Adsense, or Chitka, that will automatically post keyword relevant ads on your site or in your video!
This can be very lucrative if you are good at ranking your website or getting video views.

Offer A Service - A good idea is to offer a service that you perform for a fee, or a review type service that you then offer relevant Affiliate products, CPA and Banner Ads in addition and as reference to the type of service you offer. As an example, you may offer to fix broken iPhone screens, then sell screen protectors and cases from Amazon, used phones from Ebay, Adsense will display Mobile Phone Carriers ads, and a CPA on how to download unlimited ringtones!
This is the way you establish multiple streams of income easily!

The most important thing you can do to make money online is to take action!
Use the tips and ideas you have learned in this post to get started today! You will learn as you go and you will make plenty of mistakes, but that is how you learn what works! Just don't give up!